Straiton Place, Residential Straiton Place, Residential Straiton Place, Residential Straiton Place, Residential

Straiton PlaceProject Info

This is a detached Georgian villa located on the east edge of Portobello. The house is Category B listed and sits within the Portobello Conservation Area. This particular part of that area is characterised by sandstone villas and terraced houses on a series of narrow streets between the Promenade and Portobello High Street.
The proposal to construct a small extension on the garden facing facade and to make various small interventions and improvements within the existing property.

The new extension provides a strong connection to the garden and allows internal spaces to open-up to the outside and to create sheltered external spaces. This new addition is to the ground floor of the garden facade and has been conceived as light and transparent pergola structure within which a glazed extension is placed.

The pergola structure has a curved geometry which embraces the green space of the garden and creates a playful and elegant profile. The mid-point of the structure exactly aligns with the central axis of the house enhancing the formal, symmetrical characteristics of the Georgian architecture. Curved porticos and colonnades are a feature of neoclassical architecture and this can be seen as a contemporary reference to structures of this kind.

To be completed early 2024